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Irene Carrera Aguado

Associate PrincipalBusiness taxation

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Irene Carrera Aguado is Manager of the Tax Law Area of Equipo Economico, the firm she joined in December 2008. She specializes in integral tax planning for corporate transactions, restructuring, M&A, family group planning, and tax inspection procedures. 

Her career spans 10 years as a Tax Lawyer. She has worked in distinguished companies in the area of Mercantile and Tax Law, collaborating in corporate restructuring transactions, administrative proceedings including tax inspection and collection, and judicial review. She has also taught specialist courses and taken part in several seminars on tax affairs.

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She is a graduate in Law and Business Studies from the Universidad de Valladolid. She undertook postgraduate study in International Tax Planning and Tax Planning for Private Wealth at the Center for Financial Studies.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Tax Consultancy from Instituto de Empresa.

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